Elsa Moreck is a Lebanese-American author and Millennial dating coach based in Austin, Texas.

Elsa is helping Millennials combat the transience of modern dating culture to create more meaningful and lasting relationships. Her vision is to help Millennials find love in an era where swiping and social media have completely altered social dynamics.

Since she started sharing blogging online about dating in 2015, she’s garnered a loyal audience who heed her guidance on seduction, setting clear boundaries, and securing commitments from partners of their choosing.

Her coaching practice attracts people across the globe in search of answers to their relational paradoxes, and she’s quickly becoming a trusted source in the dating and relationship scene. In 2016, she published her first book Eliminate, Meditate, Create.

Elsa is fluent in English, Arabic, and Spanish.



You know that woman who just intuitively gets men?

She’s quiet when everyone else is airing out their dirty laundry because her love life is just fine.⁣ In fact, her love life is splendid. 

Men swarm around her and her only problem is figuring out how to narrow them down to one.

Well, I always wanted to be that girl. 

But I wasn’t exactly born with the best foundation for it.

I was a twiggy teen with Pokemon socks, a bushy unibrow, and a gap between my front teeth—hardly the look of a girl boys want to go after.

But it wasn’t just my looks that got in the way. It was my entire demeanor. I was a nervous wreck who used her brains and work ethic to get attention from boys who mainly hung out with her so she could do their homework.

Then one day at recess as I was munching on a cold tuna sandwich, I looked across the football field at a girl surrounded by a group of guys, Gina. 

Gina had it all in my eyes. Every single guy I knew wanted to be her boyfriend. I’d known girls like Gina my entire life...

They were boy-magnets, and their abundance of options made guys reach for the moon to get them. 

How could I become like that? I sat and pondered that afternoon.

I was determined to do whatever it took to become like Gina.

The first thing I did was get a makeover. I plucked my unibrow, invested time learning how to use makeup, and convinced my parents to get me braces.

 I solved the surface level problem which was external, and started getting attention.

But guys still weren’t treating me like the goddess I wanted to be. I’d get asked out by boys who had no intention of dating me, and who made fun of me behind my back. They’d tell their friends about me to brag, but they didn’t really respect nor care about me.

My first boyfriend at 16 was an Albanian model six years older than me. He was handsome and kind, but I later found out that he had a serious girlfriend in his home country.

I was devastated. What was I doing wrong?

After my first relationship with the Albanian guy had gone sour, I decided it was time for a serious shift. 

Something had to happen internally to transcend the results I was getting.

Around this time I was graduating high school. I knew college would be an opportunity to start anew and apply everything I’d learned about dating in high school. I buckled down and for the duration of my time in college made it my mission to become a Magnetic Goddess.

I started befriending men and learning exactly how they think up close. I became an expert at distinguishing the nuances of the women they treated like doormats, vs. their dream girls.

Contrary to popular belief, I learned that withholding sex has very little to do with maintaining a man’s attention, but how you communicate and act had a huge impact on how you were treated.

I learned how to set my standards high and attract high quality men who met them.

All the days I’d spent journaling and dreaming about becoming like Gina were finally my reality. I always had several guys to choose from, and often had to narrow them down to one.

I realized I’d developed a unique skill set, a funnel that worked with any guy of my choosing. I wasn’t manipulating anyone, I simply got more intentional with how I presented myself to men, and it worked every time.

I didn’t just become a man magnet, but a magnet for girl friends who sought my advice on dating. 

That’s when I realized I had a gift I wanted to share with as many women as I could: the tools to find and keep love with partners who cherish them.

Which brings me to the present.

As a certified Millennial Dating Coach, my vision is to help every woman who discovers me to feel like Gina, empowered and selective, because we all have a Magnetic Goddess inside us waiting to be unleashed.

Sometimes we just need the tools to access her.