What's Your Number? (Poem)


If he asks about your number

Own it with pride

If you’re worried about losing him

You’re gazing in the wrong eyes

He doesn’t get to taste the meat

Without cracking open the skin

If he wants you as you are

The only way through is in

Or do you think your worth lies

In the stories

Between your thighs?

Because if it does

Where were you before

When you lit your cigarettes smiling

As they crawled out the door?

Or is it perhaps that you were never so trivial to think

That a woman who enjoys her sexuality deserves to shrink?

But if that indeed is your take

(Which a woman like you deep down should know)

Then why you are so damn afraid to let your truth show?

But the gentlemen, they say

“Her number shows a lot about who she is”

Because he can’t handle a woman

With a number bigger than his

Those kind of women

Who blaze trails of fire behind them

Because they walk radiant

And tall

Because they use their past

As a pedestal

They have no reason to feel small


You’re fucking astonishing

And why don’t you see?

He’ll stop caring about your number

The moment you own it