Why Love is like Business


“Love should be treated like a business deal.”  - Ayn Rand

EW...how totally unromantic is that?

At a glance, business and love seem completely unrelated. One is about strategizing and planning, A/B testing, and ultimately, heady sh*t. While the other is dumb luck and emotions, right?


Love is exactly like business, and you should run your romantic life like one if you want to see better ROIs (returns on your investment). Time is after all the most valuable resource we have on the planet. So why squander it on people if we’re not getting value in return?

It may sound brash, but I’ve always managed my love life like a business. My closing rate has been near perfect over the years (measured by the commitment I get from men I’m interested in).

How? By breaking down my strategy to 3 critical factors and refining them to the point of perfection. It may sound like a robotic way to live, but it actually makes things a hell of a lot easier.

When you watch a speech that sticks with you, is it because the speaker got on stage and whipped something out of their a**? No.

They spent endless hours rehearsing, editing, and perfecting their craft. The result? An organic talk that leaves you feeling all warm inside.

So why should your presence in love be any different?

Here are the 3 things you need to cultivate to stand out in the mating market and turn your social life into a romantic magnet. 

Marketing: In business, marketing is the study and management of exchange relationships. Love is an exchange relationship. You give your time and energy to another human for theirs in return. As such, how you manage these exchanges is the make-or-break factor in your success with love. We’re always looking for the best we can get in every area of life and love is no exception. How you make people feel after hanging out with you will determine how often they’ll seek that exchange.

Unique Selling Point (USP): What makes you different than all the other people your prospect (s) are exposed to? Have you traveled a lot? Are you funny? Are you good at fashion? Do you have a hidden talent? This is the part of you that stands out when people meet you. Think about it, and learn how to bring it to the surface in your interactions.

Sense of Urgency: People only make commitments when there is a consequence if they don’t. This is yet again one of those ugly truths. We’re more motivated by loss than by we are by gains. In business, this is called ‘loss aversion.’ How it works in love is this: your prospect needs to feel like time with you is valuable and not always guaranteed. Thus, the only way to guarantee it is by committing to you. The way you motivate the other person to act is by creating a sense of urgency...a deadline that they must meet before you move on. Of course, you can’t come out and say that because it’s creepy, so you have to do it subtly. The trick is to create the feeling of a ticking clock by instilling a fear that others are also interested. This isn’t my invention. It’s human nature and it’s been this way for centuries...

I know this all sounds a little cold-hearted and perhaps makes skeptical about the realities of love. But I’m sharing this because I know it works. I could spoon feed you fluff about being yourself, and everything else will fall into place, but it’s simply not so. Plus, none of what I described asks you to change who you are in any way. It’s more about getting creative about how you present your truth than altering it per se…

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Now tell me: What are your thoughts; is love really like running a business? LMK in the comments!

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