I Did One THING That Scares Me Everyday for a Week: Here's What Happened


“I take risks because I get bored. And I get bored very easily.
~ Rihanna

Then it’s just like anything else...normal. It might still make you nervous, make you question, make you [insert negative trigger you have toward change here], but it gets easier and easier the more you do it. The culmination of all the tiny fear steps you take become simply a part of your essence: brave, bold, and ready to tackle what this beautiful life has in store.

This week was a lesson in faith, risk, and action. Not pondering to do, suffering in paralysis by analysis, then failing to deliver. Instead, it’s been about showing the fuck up and seeing what happens. About doing the damn thing no matter how ridiculous it seems. It’s been about detaching from the results, and still showing up like a million people are watching.

I had no clue who would do this challenge with me, and frankly, I didn’t care. I wanted to do it for myself. I wanted to prove that I could do tasks I would normally overthink. And I did. And it was a marvelous journey that even though short, left me with a myriad of lessons I will continue to embody moving forward.


Here is the list of actions that I took:

  • Create a fear challenge on social media

  • Invite a stranger to do yoga in public

  • Post unfiltered picture online

  • DM 50 influencers

  • Soak in ice bath

  • Get a new piercing

  • Forgive a friend

Even though this challenge was a self-imposed opportunity for growth, a few of you joined me. Here are a list of my favorite fear-based actions you took:

  • Walked away from a toxic relationship

  • Jumped from a ridiculously high cliff

  • Hosting art shows across the country & learning new languages

  • Showed a friend how to approach women in public

You know who you are. And for those who aren’t on this list but still participated in this challenge discreetly, I salute you. Keep doing it. Every. Single. Day. It’s not about the actions themselves--it’s about arriving to a place internally where you realize most of the ideas we amplify and complicate are simply a result of our brain looking for evidence that we can’t do it. The more we teach our brain who’s boss, the less it gets in the way, and instead breaks down the “undoable” into a clear process of tangible steps. To be in charge of your mind is to be charge in of your life. So here’s to a life of making the unknown second nature, and the impossible, a reality we look back on & smile.