You Will Move On



5 minute read • by Elsa Moreck

You will get over him. Perspective is just as crucial as time. If you want to speed up the time of recovery, you need to shift things around in your mind. It might not seem like it right now, but once you take a person off the pedestal you unrightly put them on, they assume their natural place in your life. Their grip over you loosens, and your impulsivity to contact them is overridden by a cool rationality.

I’ve been in love enough times to know the drill. The excitement which at first ensues in time subdues, no matter who it is. You always think it’s going to be different with that ‘one’ person only to find that a fire can be put out no matter where it’s lit in the world. Flames always have been and always will be made up of carbon dioxide, water vapor, oxygen and nitrogen. When you break down a lover, you see them with just as much scrutiny and clarity as a chemist studying the components of fire. 
Once the bubble of enigma pops, you see a person, albeit a fascinating one, with facets and flaws. An imperfect being trying their best to make due with what they were given.

So if you’re trying to glue together a broken heart and make sense of the tornado that swallowed up your peace, just remember that suffering is a choice. Memory was not made to torture us. Be patient and kind with yourself, and become as interested in probing your own soul as you were in probing another’s. In time you’ll find that you’re just as interesting to examine as the next lover you let into your heart. And anyway, it’s only when you know yourself that you let the right person in.

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