What do you want?


The age old question…

I was always the chaotic curious type with a zillion different interests moving in different directions. I could never commit to one place, person, or project for very long before getting bored. Change has always been a central theme in my life, but it wasn’t all due to my indecisiveness.

My parents’ jobs took us around the world, from the US to Lebanon to Japan. Every time I started getting comfortable in a situation, we’d up and leave to the next place. After graduating university, I took a six month sabbatical to travel around Europe and the Middle East. All the travel and constant change created a bug inside me, a feeling that there was always something else I could be doing, or should be doing.

This feeling pushed me to end every relationship after the nine month mark. It pushed me to walk away from three corporate jobs after college and teach myself Spanish, then to write a book about it all. It even pushed me to be in an open relationship and explore my bisexuality at the age of 27.

Growing up in a traditional Arab household didn’t allow much wiggle room for self=expression. Unfortunately for my parents, the more rules they enforced, the more questions I had. True to my nature, I followed my curiosity ruthlessly on a quest for inner freedom.

But it wasn’t easy. The description of the ‘good Arab girl,’ is limiting to say the least. Yet it seemed like most women and men around me expected me to live up to it. I lost boyfriends, friends, and family because I refused to conform to a preset standard that didn’t honor my individual freedom. I continue to take backlash because I choose to speak out about it, but it doesn’t stop me. In fact, I’ve always used rejection as fuel for more resilience. As an expansive coach, I help clients become more bold, brave, and resourceful. I believe the life you dream of is within grasp, but you must be willing to stretch your limits, care less what people think, and adapt effectively to change. My life has prepared me to be the perfect guide for this demanding and meaningful task.

So, my question to you is: What do you want, and are you willing to do what it takes to get it?